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Pendaftaran  :  15 April 2016- 16 Mei 2016    
Tanggal Acara  :  Selasa, 24 Mei 2016    
Waktu  :  Pkl. 13.20 - 15.00 WIB    
Lokasi  :  Ruang kelas Software Laboratory BINUS  UNIVERSITY    
Pembicara  :  Donny Achmadi - Indonesian Cloud    
Tema  :  Web Application    
Biaya  :  BINUSIAN        Rp. 50.000    
     NON BINUSIAN Rp. 60.000    
Benefit  :  Certifricate - SAT Point - Snack    

 *Notes : Jumlah peserta terbatas hanya 30 seat! Segera daftar, jangan sampai ketinggalan!

Why do you use a not-so-called lame way to transfer money? Use your bitcoin! Wait what? Bitcoin or more known as a digital currency , in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, and independently operate in a central bank. Why we use bitcoins? How is it works? What are the benefits?

Get to know more about how sophisticated bitcoins are as you get the information straight from the expert!

Save the date  :  Wednesday, October 11st, 2017
Location/td>  :  Alam Sutera Campus, BINUS Univeristy
Time  :   12.30 - END
Tema  :  Bitcoin Technology
Registration Fee  :  BINUSIAN        IDR 60K
 Benefit  :  Sertifikat, Snack, Souvenir and SAT Point (BINUSIAN)